• Boxing training
  • MMA training
  • Kickboxing training
  • Self defense training
  • Registration for amateur boxing with USA Boxing
Fitness & health (beginners or advanced):
Motor City Boxing


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  • Basic training
    Using all of the above mentioned styles resulting in the
    best shape and health possible.
  • Written programs
    For people who just need the structured "know how".
  • Nutrition programs
    Easy to use programs that are not scientific, just
    common sense.
    (You don't need translation, you need determination.)
  • Mental health & stress relief
    If you don't know how stress shattering and calming it is after you have punched
    and pounded a heavy bag, you obviously never tried it. We strongly recommend!
  • Internal health
    Watch your blood pressure, calories, and weight tumble and go down for the
  • Improved attitude
    Watch your confidence, outlook, and  focus rise in victory.
    Self respect never looked or felt so good. Guaranteed!
Added benefits:
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